Scarfes Bar
Where Paintings & Potions Meet

An artfully social bar located a stone’s throw from London’s
Covent Garden, where creative cocktails are paired with live
jazz every day of the week.

A Living Canvas
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Renowned British artist and caricaturist, Gerald Scarfe, has lent both his name and artistic vision to Scarfes Bar. Gerald’s own collection of amusing and conversation-provoking paintings, highlighting his best work, adorn the marble walls, transforming Scarfes Bar into a living canvas, described by Gerald as “my personal art gallery, where you can see my life on these walls”.

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Gerald Scarfe Painting

Book of PotionsPotions

Office Gossip Cocktail Office Gossip
Zingy Stardust Cocktail Zingy Stardust
Booyakasha Cocktail Booyakasha
High Wasted Cocktail High Wasted
Doc No. 9 Cocktail Doc No. 9
Naturalist Cocktail Naturalist
Macca-Iato Cocktail Macca-Iato
On Yer Bike Cocktail On Yer Bike
50 / 50 Cocktail 50 / 50
Axtronus Cocktail Axtronus
Back To Black Cocktail Back To Black
Drop Shot Cocktail Drop Shot
Silver Spoon Cocktail Silver Spoon
Tartan Spartan Cocktail Tartan Spartan
Neck It Cocktail Neck It
Toot Toot Cocktail Toot Toot
Little Cabbage Cocktail Little Cabbage
Off The Market Cocktail Off The Market
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Upcoming Entertainment

Upcoming EntertainmentEntertainment Danny Boyle

Tara Minton

Tara hails from Australia where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, in Musical Theatre from the University of Ballarat. At the same time, she also gained her A.MUSA Piano Diploma. Tara’s musical career to date has been vast and varied.

  • 19th Nov
    Kitty LaRoar & Nick Shankland Duo
  • 20th Nov
    Damien Flood Trio
  • 21st Nov
    Matthew VanKan Trio
  • 22nd Nov
    Kitty LaRoar & NIck Shankland Trio
  • 23rd Nov
    Damien Flood Quartet
  • 24th Nov
    Kitty LaRoar & Nick Shankland Trio

Meet The TeamThe Team

Cocktail artisans, mixologist experts, wine connoisseurs, beer guzzlers. Our team are a welcoming bunch and on hand to ensure your experience is full of fun – Scarfes style.

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