Scarfes Gin

Copperhead, The Scarfes Bar Edition

Our Director of Bars Martin Siska and Scarfes Bar Head Bartender Yann Bouvignies have teamed up with Copperhead Gin to create The Scarfes Bar Edition. United by this shared passion and skill for the magical chemistry of drink creation, the partnership between Scarfes Bar and Copperhead has been in development for over a year, since the idea for the bar’s current Enneagram Menu was born.

Using Martin and Yann’s devotion to detail and adeptness for complex flavour combinations, the liquid is a heady mix of Copperhead’s instantly recognisable botanicals, with the unexpectedly earthy additions of pine nuts, pine blossoms and a unique apple distillate. The resulting spirit is multi-layered, with the unmistakable aromas of blossom, bark and wood shavings on the nose, a creamy mouthfeel and a spicy character, all married together by fresh hints of apple.

Copperhead, The Scarfes Bar Edition, is the perfect balance of bittersweet, spice and floral notes and ideal for sipping or mixing in cocktails. For each botanical chosen, the same diligent level of care and attention has been employed for which the Scarfes Bar team have become world-renowned. The pine blossoms are handpicked and dried, before entering an earthenware maceration period of six weeks. The pine nuts are also hand-selected before distilling, ensuring the very best produce makes the final cut. In a move towards more sustainable practices, the uplifting apple notes come from the use of macerated Elstar Apples, collected from a fruit farmer a stones throw from the Filliers distillery in Belgium – one of the oldest distilleries in Europe and world renowned for their craftsmanship and quality. Per batch, 100kgs of apples that were destined for waste are granted a new lease of life, with fermentation in Islay Casks and a two-fold distillation to encourage the delicate maceration of flavours. Following a filtration process, Copperhead, The Scarfes Bar Edition is then ready to be brought to 41% alcohol and bottled in a shimmeringly Royal Blue bottle, now available to purchase.

We are so excited to share our latest collaboration with you!

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